Sellers: 5 Ways to Generate Multiple Offers

Only One Chance to Make a First Impression!  

Strategic Pricing
Pricing your home too high will detract buyers from even considering the possibility of making an offer because they believe the Seller has an inflated reality of the home’s current value  or their agent told them their home was worth more just to get the listing (which unfortunately does happen).  These properties tend to sit on the market and get price reduction after reduction until they reach the correct market price.

Pricing your home about 5% under market value creates a frenzy as buyers want the best home for the least amount of money.   The more buyers fighting over your home, the better!   The point is to sell your home for the most money in the least amount of time.  Ask questions, get comparable information, and request any additional area information available.  As agents, we are privy to much insider real estate info.

Would you like to receive multiple offers?  It does come at a small price.  Of course, it can be a challenge to keep a home in ‘show’ condition all the time, but the less restrictive your showing instructions are, the greater possibility more buyers will view your property.

If you want top dollar for your home then dealing with this short-term inconvenience shouldn’t be a big deal.  Sellers who require 24 hour notice or only a small window of time for showings are only hurting themselves.  Buyers search for homes around their work schedules, which can be quite limiting if the properties they want to see have such strict showing instructions.  This is why it’s vital to make your home accessible to buyers.

Attention to Small Repairs & Details
Let’s say your home has many great qualities, but the lawn is a little overgrown and the paint is chipping a little on your front door.  Before even entering your home, you have already raised the question, “What else is wrong with this house?”To ensure anticipation and then excitement upon entry, take care of those small fixes that you said you were going to get to last year.  Even scheduling a pre-sale home inspection couldn’t hurt.  Touch up the baseboards, fix chips in walls, loose screws, squeaky cabinets, or my pet peeve, cabinets that do not shut all the way!  These little pain in the butt fixes, will leave you sitting pretty in the long run.

Property Showing Condition
One thing that drives me crazy is walking into a home for sale with a client to find a ghastly mess.  Unless we’re talking about bank owned-fixer, this should never be the case if a Seller really wants to sell at top dollar.  It sounds crazy, but I’ve seen this more often than not.In order to sell your home for top dollar, you must make ever single feature stand out.  Even though your home may look sophisticated and furniture well-positioned, clear out some of your furniture and chotchkies to create a greater sense of space.   Click here for more ideas on preparing your home for sale!

Marketing & Exposure
All real estate agents are not created equal!  In most circumstances, just posting a home for sale on the MLS and sitting back waiting for the offers to roll in, is not only avoiding an agents promises & duty, but cause your home to sit on the market longer, which makes it appear overvalued and less attractive.   If you are preparing for the possible sale of your home, make sure to ask your Realtor about their marketing efforts and how they plan to position your home for sale.When I list a home for sale, I incorporate both online and print marketing campaigns.  If you are interested in a generic copy of my marketing concierge detailing the SEO marketing techniques employed to get your home in front of 1,000′s of buyers, feel free to send a quick email or text.   I cater the marketing techniques to the uniqueness of my client’s homes.

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